Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I've been up too.....

Since the retreat...which is still all I think about....I had Thanksgiving dinner and now I am back to sewing with still too many items on the back burner.

I did the binding on the Christmas block swap quilt.... and washed it (which squanched it up at least 2" so it doesnt hang as much as it did but still is great). Jill did the machine quilting on it. And here it is on my guest bed.

Next I finished the Jitterbug quilt that I did with Reenie via text and email and one gathering. It is simply machine quilted and binded in yellow. I so love 30's fabric.

Then the lastly items that have place the tree skirt, fall quilt and heart block swap quilt on the back burner have been these little buggers.....

They are doll quilts I hope to sell for extra Christmas monies to buy more presents...... 

Now on to a few more of these lovelies so I can get back to other fun stuffs... oh the mystery too.

It snowed today. Yay!! it so puts me in the mood for Christmastime.


  1. wow..look at you go, girl! I should be sewing now, but am snuggling with Patrick while checking out some blogs. Soon as he is to sew I go! You have me motivated now!

  2. Love how the nutcracker is centered on that quilt - it looks great! They all do!!! Hope your little dolly quilts sell like hotcakes!

  3. OH the quilt looks great!! And so does everything else you have been up to! :)

  4. The quilts are beautiful. Love the doll quilts; I just know that some little girl will love those and you can enjoy spending the money.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow! You've been busy - they all look great.