Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back online...Yay! and Christmas quiltalong... ho ho ho

Im back!!!  Oh boy! to type and look and surf is grand. I have missed my computer badly.
The hard drive died. It lasted awhile... 4yrs. The guy said it was a very nice computer....ran fast. hee hee.

Anyway, Today is the Christmas quiltalong at Quilt Times. I am looking forward to spending time in the sewing room today. It is rainy and Im kinda pooped. Need a little RnR.... 

Work is good. I stay busy. I am learning how to pour molds from impressions. We'll see..... 

I have lost 12lbs too by the way. I started the Dukan Diet and it is a bit rough so Ive cheated but it is ok with factoring in 12 lbs...  Im good. Only 30 more to go.... I will settle for it to go away in 5lb increments. lol

so off to brush my teeth, start laundry, get coffee and sew!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi!! I so Miss you!!

Hi all...  I am MIA!  My computer is in the shop probably for another week. I am so sad. The good news is I have a JOB.... YAY!!! Finally. And I love it. I started two days ago. I am a Lab tech/braces specialist for Six Month Smiles.  I am just unpacking the lab now and it should start up in June. I love this company, the people, and everything so far.

On the quilt side, I am working on a few ufo's and haven't been down in the basement since my job. It's ok. Im good.

So sorry Im not keeping up with you. I only can use a computer here and there (my hubbies or son's).


Missing computer but loving job!!