Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween~~~~

I have had a productive Halloween weekend. 

I carved pumpkins.....the best yet.

I made a table topper. 

I think I have been tricked though, I can not find my camera memory card.
So, these will have to do from my phone.

Have a fun and scary Halloween......

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun Day with Reenie

I had so much fun at Reenie's house. There wasn't a moment to spare. First she gave me a tour and showed me her quilts. Love love....   and then I met the gang, well half of the gang; Joe, Hannah, Patrick, Dahlia, and Luke (D and L are the puppies).  I worked on the Christmas tree skirt. It takes me a bit to get a log cabin going. I had a few to repair.... gabbing and all.  Reenie CUT her tree skirt...yeah, she did. And made a wall hanging which of course turned out great. (pictures on her blog)

ya that is your picture Reenie.....2010. lol. See your credits.

Im too lazy to get my camera way downstairs and the card and put it in computer...  here ya go.

Lately I have been working on small quilts for a thing...  and cutting out fabric for the Relay for Life Mystery in 12 days....yay.  I have a boo boo in the binding which I just remembered to fix. Jill quilted the Christmas swap quilt for me, I got it back and did the binding and almost finished when I have a spot to fix before I can move on.  I have much to do. A fall disappearing nine patch which is at a standstill; I did do a few blocks but still way more to do. I have been gathering stuff for the retreat yay, in 2 weeks.  hee hee.  Cant wait.....  

so haven't totally disappeared.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Christmas Quilt Along

It is 5pm and this is what I have managed to get accomplished since I've been home around 2ish... and interruptions. Well, let me remind you of what I am working on. It is the snowman wall hanging:

Now my colors are very different. Much lighter and not so woodsie.

So now I need to applique the snowmen and add all the embellishments.

I will start on that and in between begin cutting out the tree skirt I found.

We will see....   I also want to work on a snowman door hanger.

Not singing Jingle Bells yet... may get there though.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas Quilt Along on Saturday

Come sew with us during the Christmas Quilt along. I will be working on a snowman wallhanging and cutting out fabric for a tree skirt. Here is what I did last month.

I made the checkers and the bag they all go in. I did not do a Christmas theme so we can use it all year. The colors match my family room and are from my 369 quilt. I painted a crown on the opposite side of the checker for King. I have always wanted my checkers that way. The ones we have do not have the jagged edge so they stack to be King or did not have the crown on the opposite side, as my grandparents set did.

So Yay....   Then I made the snowman. I want to make more of these as well. I need to find red and green jersey knit material.

I can't wait to see what everyone is working on this time. See you Saturday!!!