Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ugly Fabric Challenge..... my entry

Reenie came up with the wonderful challenge of use all of this ugly fabric and send in your entry picture.

so my entry was this....

My ideas was the top of my desk when I write postcards and letters to friends and family. The stamps and envelope seals are from the ugly fabric along with the borders.
    I did not place.  The other entries were fabulous though.  Congratulations to Cathy McG, Beth and Lillian !!!

I hope we do this again soon. It was really fun.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Japanese Knot Bag

As I mentioned, I bought fabric for a gift for mom's friend. I do hope this cheers her up a little. I know her heart is breaking with the loss of her son.
I finished the Japanese knot bag.  I really like it. I picked out the fabric at Ivy Thimble while I was out with the gals. I needed to be on the hunt for something.....
It is reversible and you just slip it on your wrist and you are off.
                                            The colors just pop.  Toni, mom's friend, is from Japan; the reason behind my selecting this pattern. 

Now on to read a chapter or two and sleep. I have to get up a 5am; working overtime again.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Saturday with friends!

I am not just a working machine.....  Saturday was spent with my quilt retreat friends from Cobbled Court.

Reenie, Kathy and me

This was the second shop we hit, Ivy Thimble. I bought some oriental fabric to make my mom's friend a gift to ease her pain from a recent loss in the family and two small prints for me.

The first shop was Craft Bits & Pieces. I love love love this store. You can either find great treasures there or not. This was a time were you would say "Score!".....  
I bought a lot of fabric and then found a Swatch watch and a gold ring both together for $8.  (no... not the total bill.)   Wowzers!!

After our shops we went to Chili's for lunch and back to do a little sewing. I mean we brought our machines and all....

We had planned on a pattern by Moda Bake Shop.   We brought 30's fabric and a background and had them cut up and ready to go.

I really like how they turned out.

About 5pm we finished up and headed home. I so hope we can do this again soon. I definitely needed this with all the work I've been doing with the new job. I like it but it is cutting into my sewing and upkeep of the house and home.  It will all work out soon I'm sure.

Oh, this is what I bought Friday; 16 fatquarters, from Betty's. It is closing. I honestly won't miss it because it was not a very overly friendly shop.  

Now, Onto more cleaning and maybe some sewing.