Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Saturday with friends!

I am not just a working machine.....  Saturday was spent with my quilt retreat friends from Cobbled Court.

Reenie, Kathy and me

This was the second shop we hit, Ivy Thimble. I bought some oriental fabric to make my mom's friend a gift to ease her pain from a recent loss in the family and two small prints for me.

The first shop was Craft Bits & Pieces. I love love love this store. You can either find great treasures there or not. This was a time were you would say "Score!".....  
I bought a lot of fabric and then found a Swatch watch and a gold ring both together for $8.  (no... not the total bill.)   Wowzers!!

After our shops we went to Chili's for lunch and back to do a little sewing. I mean we brought our machines and all....

We had planned on a pattern by Moda Bake Shop.   We brought 30's fabric and a background and had them cut up and ready to go.

I really like how they turned out.

About 5pm we finished up and headed home. I so hope we can do this again soon. I definitely needed this with all the work I've been doing with the new job. I like it but it is cutting into my sewing and upkeep of the house and home.  It will all work out soon I'm sure.

Oh, this is what I bought Friday; 16 fatquarters, from Betty's. It is closing. I honestly won't miss it because it was not a very overly friendly shop.  

Now, Onto more cleaning and maybe some sewing.

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  1. Nice fabric Shellie. Wish I was closer so I could join y'all. Love the moda pattern. It must work up fast. Looking forward to October!!