Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ugly Fabric Challenge..... my entry

Reenie came up with the wonderful challenge of use all of this ugly fabric and send in your entry picture.

so my entry was this....

My ideas was the top of my desk when I write postcards and letters to friends and family. The stamps and envelope seals are from the ugly fabric along with the borders.
    I did not place.  The other entries were fabulous though.  Congratulations to Cathy McG, Beth and Lillian !!!

I hope we do this again soon. It was really fun.


  1. I loved yours, very creative. If/When you do it again, I want in. I think it would be fun to each send in a yard of ugly and then get back equal amounts to do a project with- one fabric is too easy! lol

  2. You are the winner in my book! Very creative idea you had!

  3. I just LOVE this! Wish I were as creative as you!!