Saturday, February 27, 2010

One of My FAVORITE Things !

One of my FAVORITE Things is when snow falls and gathers in the creases of the trees and bushes.
When it piles up on the oval shaped pods and the snow forms an extension of the oval. How amazing! Snow just continues to fall here...daily almost and each and every time it is different. We had over a foot of snow yesterday and it looked like a Winter Wonderland outside. Everything was completely covered and the sky was the grey/blue hue of winter enchantment.  It takes my breath away.
I might just enjoy wintertime a bit longer now when I can enjoy its wonders.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunny Lanes Night 1

Regina picked out Sunny Lanes Quilt Pattern for us to do a quilt along. Tonight was our first get together. We were able to get the first two passes complete on the half deck of 5" sqs. (I have another pass to go)
We will finish the 4 patches up and get together next week for the hst.

I surprised Regina with a Peanut butter pie.....  Just look at that face!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Linda Is It!!

Linda will be receiving a very special PIF since she is the only sign up. You're in for a real treat.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pay It Forward

I entered in Regina's Pay It Forward and received a wonderful pillowcase.  Now it is my turn to return the favor.

  • Please post a comment if you would like to participate. 
          ~ If there happens to be many, I will do a drawing but since there are so many PIF's going on we                will see.

  • The post will be closed on Sunday, February 21st.  You do have to be a follower or become a follower to enter.....I would Love to have you tag along on the blogging adventures of the so creative Shellie!!  LOL

The PIF giftie will be out by April.  So it will be something quilty and springie....  Unless you would like crocheted or hand embroidered.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If you give Shellie a panel...

Have you read this wonderful book to your children?   "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" 
by Laura Numeroff.  Well the whole series is my daughter's favorite. We love these books! 
Susan started something......

If you give Shellie a panel...

then, she has to check out the fabric line....
(and she loves it)

then, she finds a fun quilt along to do.....

So, she buys 1 1/2yds of this and 4yds of this and a jelly roll.....

So, give Shellie a panel and it leads to more buying of fabric and searching of ideas.
Now she can't wait until March to start this quilt along!
=) Shellie

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Girls Day Out!!!!

Okay.....  I just want to say that finding what you want when you want it is GREAT!!!!
I went out today with Regina who first came by to view my sewing area and to give gifties...  Love love love them.  A roll to keep blocks flat and a place to keep all sewing items near the machine.  She also gave me my "Pay it forward" but I will post that this week.

On to our venture....
Our first stop was Jamie Lynn's out near the Seneca Park Zoo.  It was a blustery snowy day right from the beginning. The snow never did amount to much other than to tip the freezing temperatures that we did not notice for all we had to do was dart into stores and then back to the car. The pigeons, at first glance, we thought to be fluffin their feathers; were only fat from being fed in order to prevent them from eating the cat food as we were told but I think they eat that too. Their sale was on remnants and I was not much interested in large quantities of their selected fabrics so I bought a yard of a clearenced fabric for a dark and a 1/2 yd of a light for my "Sunny Lanes" quilt Regina and I are going to do together.

I texted Maureen/Reenie in the car to see if it was not too late to catch her at our next stop; Patricia's.  She said she was on her way so there Regina and she can meet. I was on the look out for 30's fabric (Reenie and I are doing a quilt on) and more for Sunny Lanes and Red&Whites had a coupon. So..... once there I gave Reenie her winnings for my birthday giveaway and she was so excited because she said she has never won anything. That right there was the best birthday gift ever.... to make someone else so happy!!!

Here we are!!!!  This was after all our purchases. The ladies there are so wonderful. I bought a ton of clearanced fabric here... 30's prints, red/white, lights and darks for SL.  Almost 6yds here.  Reenie headed home while we drove on to Sew Creative where Regina knows Linda from online. Here I bought 4yds of a 70% off oriental fabric to do a Japanese Knot purse or two.

About now we are starving and our brain is starting to sputter.....  yep, really.
So I say "how about chinese"?, I know a little place I went to the last time I was going to Ivy Thimble.
We plowed into the Panda Express parking lot and order a very large lunch, devoured it and felt like we were going to roll away..... Hey Regina!! We did not get a fortune cookie......*pout pout*.....

Ivy Thimble is having a 30% off the entire store....clearance too.  Straight away I piled up the clearance bolts to find out only 1 yd cuts...  a little bit more than I wanted to cut but hey.... stash building ...  I went on ahead and bought 4 yds of backing for the 30's quilt, 3yds of  30's fabric and 2 1/4 yds for SL. I think I would have bought more but I was pooping out.... all that for only $35. *big smiley face from ear to ear*  From there we headed on to Target to buy Valentine goodies and to look for shoes for Nathan but no such luck there. Lastly a stop at Wegmans to buy pizza building supplies.... for Matt.

I had a marvelous day and so much fun.  We must all do this more often.  It is good to be with friends.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Secret Valetine Swap First Recipient

I believe I am the first of the Secret Valentines' to receive their Swap Loot!!  How wonderful is that??
My secret valentine is Susan C., Regina's sister Sue. Love it!!  I had a hunch but I love love love a surprise.
She knows me so well or her guessing is "right on".
In my package there were M&Ms, an Attitude panel by Mary Engelbreit  *hysterical*, magnetic needle keeper [I was just admiring these on my fabshophop =)], a very large carry all bag with my initial "S" on it in a gorgeous burgundy/gold (You would have thought I picked it out myself), scrapbooking stickers, scrapbooking activity case, red heart fuzzy warm socks and the cutiest funniest card you ever did see!!! Whew!!
I think I will make the panel into pillows for my sewing area.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My New Edition

A dear friend, Cathy,  asked if I could use a treasure from her basement; this lovely cabinet her husband made her a long time ago. After all my "are you sure" s, I took this beauty home. I shall treasure this wonderful cabinet forever. It has a very good home.
I have furnished it with all of my Projects To Do.... you all know them as UFO's but that sounds so of a "not wanting to finish" thing and not a "I can't wait to finish it" project.
There is a lot in there so I better get crackin'.  Top shelf holds 30's fabric (with Reenie), 2nd holds "Summer Breeze, 3rd holds Fall quilt, 4th holds 2 projects - toy bom and "Sunny Lanes" fabric, last shelf is the Panache layer cake for ps i quilt project and white fabric for heart blocks.

Thank you Cathy from my whole heart!
I love it.