Saturday, February 27, 2010

One of My FAVORITE Things !

One of my FAVORITE Things is when snow falls and gathers in the creases of the trees and bushes.
When it piles up on the oval shaped pods and the snow forms an extension of the oval. How amazing! Snow just continues to fall here...daily almost and each and every time it is different. We had over a foot of snow yesterday and it looked like a Winter Wonderland outside. Everything was completely covered and the sky was the grey/blue hue of winter enchantment.  It takes my breath away.
I might just enjoy wintertime a bit longer now when I can enjoy its wonders.


  1. Yes that is very pretty!!! Cool pic!

  2. I love that too so you can see the structure of a tree: the dark branches contrasting with the white of the snow. I would be glad to have Winter over now though. It has definitely lasted longer than normal.