Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunny Lanes Night 2

What a great night!!!  I think Regina and I both needed a few hours of sewing from the week we have had.... "Sewing Mends All".
Ok....  tonight was Half Square Triangles.  Our job in between week 1 to week 2 is to prepare and finish for our Wednesday night sewing. Week 1 was 4 patches. We had to sew up one side and down the other, then cut, then iron. (I still have some ironing to do.)
Week 2 we had to prepare the hst. Draw line down center and match up light and dark square. We even got to cut last night. So now it is back to ironing.

Regina'sblock                                                                  My block

Next week we are to sew a two block unit together. I have 30 sunny lane blocks so I will sew 180 of unit one which is dark to dark as on the bottom right of my block above and 60 dark (4patch square to light half triangle) units.

It's coming along nicely.


ps. Regina started the night with a little present. First, we both love orange. Second, I love thimbles. Isn't it cute.  Love it. Thanks Regina......<3


  1. Both yours and Regina's blocks look wonderful!

  2. These photos really do not do your fabrics justice, Shellie -they are so much richer looking in person.

    I should be ironing - reading blogs instead!!! But I should be ready for next week - I hope.

  3. Looks great!! I love the colors in both of your blocks! You are both doing good!!!