Monday, April 19, 2010

Full view of Summer Breeze

Here is Mia enjoying the sunshine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heart Blocks with Reenie

I finally finished my heart blocks for the Cobble Court Quilters Circle, a quilt group on author Marie Bostwick's page.  I met up with Reenie last night at Hobby Lobby to exchange the blocks and do a little shopping.  I didnt have much time so it was a fly by. I cant wait to post pictures of the blocks and my ideas of a top. (I cant until everyone gets theirs.)
I came out of Hobby Lobby with more than I bought though.... 

Smiling from ear to ear....

Thank you Reenie...  a giftie from a doll.

The orange we fell in love springy and the yellow and pink go with our 30's quilts. Yes, she has another one in mind. Well, if we continue to buy fabric we will have to do more quilt making.

 I see nothing wrong with this situation what so ever.....=)                  ~Shellie

Sunny Lanes update

Regina and I got together last Thursday and I haven't had time to update due to the Legacy competition Madison was in over the weekend.  The first competition of the year always kicks us in the tail. Our studio, Expressions of Dance by Lisa, did well. We got a platinum (modern), 2 elite golds (lyrical and jazz), gold (tap) and Madi got a gold on her tap solo.

On our sew night, we put our units together making up (for my full) 60 light to light fabric and 180 dark to light fabric.  I have quit a bit of work left to do. As I found out looking through the units, I turned some. Regina said all night long...  " I usually turn these".  Now I see what she meant. So I will have to go through and unsew and resew the turned units then do catch up with sewing the 180 amount and iron.....
bottom unit is turned

As always, Regina comes bearing gifties for me. This time she made a turtle wristlet lanyard. I love it!!
Thank you !!

Tonight is a sew night also.  So I better get on the catching up part....