Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring !

Here we are....  Snowballs in Spring ...

it gives me warm fuzzies all over.  This is from a swap once again with the Cobbled Court Quilting Circle to a table topper for Spring.  My quilting circle sisters have placed a grin on my icicle face that will melt any Winter blahed heart. Yay! girlies.

Now I just need to sandwich it and bind it and place on the table for the first day of spring to be complete.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring forward...

Boy, oh boy!  I slept in. I never sleep in. Ever. Can I blame it on turning our clocks and hour ahead? I think so....  but I didnt advance it two hours. hummmm

To address yesterday's Christmas quiltalong.... my project did not go as planned. Me, of all people forgot to blanket stitch. I was following the pattern that said zigzag or satin stitch and I knew I didnt like how it was turning out. So Im not sure if I will knix this project or try to fix it which means taking it out. May knix it....

So, I turned to the NYE Mystery that I just need to sew the rows together and add borders.

And... oh most important ...  hee hee.  I got my snowball blocks. OHHHHHH!!!  the love I have for these blocks....  but....dilemma.... I have no idea what to do for borders. I can not find a fabric that goes. Ive tried everything and my room is a mess. NOT HAPPY>  Im thinking a mixture of colors of lavender, pink, and yellow/orange.... now to find it.

But I had company and I had so much fun with Reenie and when Regina stopped by it was even better.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today is the Christmas Quiltalong and Reenie is coming over to visit and sew.  Wowzeers!
(just click the button if you would like to join in)

I plan to work on many projects: the snowman wallhanging, snowman bag and some odds and ends that just need to be put together.
Now I need to go pick up and organize before all time elapses....