Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring forward...

Boy, oh boy!  I slept in. I never sleep in. Ever. Can I blame it on turning our clocks and hour ahead? I think so....  but I didnt advance it two hours. hummmm

To address yesterday's Christmas quiltalong.... my project did not go as planned. Me, of all people forgot to blanket stitch. I was following the pattern that said zigzag or satin stitch and I knew I didnt like how it was turning out. So Im not sure if I will knix this project or try to fix it which means taking it out. May knix it....

So, I turned to the NYE Mystery that I just need to sew the rows together and add borders.

And... oh most important ...  hee hee.  I got my snowball blocks. OHHHHHH!!!  the love I have for these blocks....  but....dilemma.... I have no idea what to do for borders. I can not find a fabric that goes. Ive tried everything and my room is a mess. NOT HAPPY>  Im thinking a mixture of colors of lavender, pink, and yellow/orange.... now to find it.

But I had company and I had so much fun with Reenie and when Regina stopped by it was even better.


  1. Glad you got a good day of sewing in, despite the blanket stitch project. I agree that something with lots of color would be a good border. I also think a thin solid border to stop everything would be good -- maybe pink or green?

  2. Shellie, I love your I assume that you were in group B? Or are these the ones I will soon receive? SandraJ-SC