Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the WINNERS are

The first name I drew was   1. NOVA  so.... the Rubys Pattern goes to her

I get to draw again:             2. Jennifer so.... the Gift Pattern goes to her
                     Next:             3. Michele so....the calendar goes to her
                     Next:             4. Linda and Pi so.... the stamps go to her

                     Next:             5. Reenie so ..... the rest goes to you!!!

I need email response from Nova and Michele of your addresses to my email by profile... I have the others. If they do not respond by Wed. I will draw another name for their prize.

Congratulations!!! This was great fun!!

Go check out Regina's blog for another birthday giveaway!!! The month of February is Birthday month there and it will be pockets of fun!!

Hugs to all. Thanks for participating.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

"10 Days til my Birthday" GIVE AWAY!

It is just 10 days til my birthday!!  This is  MY WAY of having fun!!!!

So, on the 31st I will give away a box full of goodies. There are several patterns, quilt calendar for 2010, a kaboodle, a seam ripper, pins, thimble, fat quarters,  plastic canvas (a lot and 1 yarn - not pictured) and whatever else I can find.

What you need to do:          1. Make a comment here of what you would like to have and why.
                                  2. If you are a follower now you  have 2 additional chances to win.
                                  3. Become a follower and you have 1 additional chance along with your comment.
                                  4. Get a friend to put in a comment and you get another chance.

You may win one thing or the whole kaboodle......   up to you. What would you like to have???

We will see on the 31st!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Top Complete

Maureen suggested for us to get together at Patricia's Quilt Store in East Rochester for an all day sew in or FTDP day.  I brought the Christmas top to sew together and place borders on. I brought the backing too and a few other projects "just in case"; never touched them.
The ladies that are the usuals there are absolutely a hoot and what projects!; the talent in that room was amazing.
We finished up around 5:30pm. I think we were spent. The ladies said "the fun has just begun", pizza is on its way and we have hours left. I think Maureen and I busted our hump the entire time we were there and the rest of the motley crew were coasting.... no wonder they had more to give. I think they just wanted the pizza and yak yak. But, that is ok too.
I must do that again though. Once in a while is wonderful. Im not sure I could hop around from shop to shop doing all day outings all the time though like the crew....

Close up and backing.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Glance at My Christmas Swap top

Maureen recommended a book called "A Single Thread" by Marie Bostwick. It is a fabulous book! From there I follow Marie's website and joined in on the forum "Quilting Stuff" where Maureen started a Christmas block swap with the author. What great fun!  Books and Quilting....  =)
My block is the nutcracker. Here is the top so far. I need to fix row 4; it's a little off and then sew them together. Next I will add borders. I'm thinking  a small in green or black then a large in red/cream check.
The small 4" squares are little Christmas blocks from Craft and Bits when Maureen, Pam and I went roaming for the afternoon. She kept sneaking items of FABRIC into my basket because I wasnt allowed to leave with nothing.  Thanks Maureen! These worked out lovely.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I have a SEWING AREA !

Santa Baby brought me this sewing table and had it under my tree.  He is an awesome fellow. Just what I pointed to and said "I would love this".
We were trying to figure out where to put it in the den and Eric said "we could make an area for you downstairs where you saved the old carpet for". Ookie dookie. We worked on this all yesterday and me today organizing my tidbits of sewing supplies. Honestly if I were to add up all my purchases I think I would scare the pants off all of you.  I have bought a great deal of fabric this year. (remember no stash... my word is STISH)

This is what my area looks like so far. I have more work to do, shelves and baskets to buy and organize some more.  The center picture is my fat quarters, charm packs, and patterns. The right picture is an old cabinet where I put thread, pins, zippers, and odds and ends. The other side of the area has a antique love seat and chair; it is near the old cabinet.  Behind the sewing table I want the cork board to go up and maybe some shelving then place more along the other wall where the old cabinet is...  My stish is in an extra large tub which is about full of yardage. 
I think it will work!


Saturday, January 2, 2010


Wow! What a great year in sewing. If this year was this rewarding I cant wait to see what 2010 holds.
I completed the "Java Me Crazy". "Snow Men", "6th Birtday Cake", "Among the Garden", "Wolves on the Run", "Horses in the Night", oh before those I did "Baby Honu" and "Turtle/Penguin college quilt" and finally "Warm Thoughts" for grandma. Nine quilts, that is awesome in my book. Almost one a month....

I only did not finish "Summer Breeze" and the fall quilt I had just begun in October for Thanksgiving which mom said, "Wow, that's colorful and bright shell..."  LOL, not in a good way...

I did two swaps. My Favorite Things which I need to make into a top and Christmas swap with the Cobblestone Creek Quilt crew. Im working on that top now. I think it will end up being a queen size That will be a first. I have only done lap quilts. Good size ones but all the same.

I also did 6 blocks for a cancer quilt for Mt Pleasant Quilt Company.
And a wall hanging which I adore. I might just have to do another.

I have learned so much. I have so much to learn. And honestly, it has been to grand of a ride to ever get off.
Also I continue to meet the greatest people in quilting. I hold you all so dear!

Love you all,
A year in quilting.