Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Glimpse of fmq on Home Pride.

This is from my sorry about the distortion. This is the fmq I did on the Home Pride quilt with cables down the borders.  I will finish with the binding in Maryland.   See you soon.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Perfect Binding Miter Demonstration

Here is your tool.  You need to make your binding 2 1/2" wide and use the 3/8" slot.

You could easily make your own out of applique plastic.

1.   Before you reach your corner make your mark by lining up the square tool with the 3/8" at the corner.

2. Sew  your binding to the mark and then turn then sew on the mark.

                        3. Turn your binding at 45* like you normally do along the sewn  edge now then fold down along next edge of quilt to sew.
The front and back corner are perfect. Remember one side folds one way and the other side folds opposite. (you do not want nostrils)

Now the binding finish.  When you come to the end leave 4".  You should have left a tail in the beginning also. Lay along the edge to be binded and fold over a 1/2" piece on each side and trim.

With right sides together sew along the end.

Wallah! Beautiful!

This was all displayed on the pinwheel quilt. All fmq which was so fun and ready for binding probably in Maryland.

I hope you found this helpful and easy as I do.


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here is a look at the Jitterbug top.  This pattern I quilted along with Reenie. Hers was completed last week. I take a bit longer to put the rows together. There seems to always be a kink in my plans or a kid interrupting. 

I love this quilt. The pattern is another story...

Reenie: I think we will have to bring this one to the retreat to snuggle in as we sip our wine laughing and chit chatting. 

I'm not sure on the name. I am thinking along the lines of Friendly Ties, 30's medley, Can you find the bunny? (LOL) or Gma's Time??? 


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just like a KID!!!!

Boy! I have been feeling so poopy lately. I never thought I would miss my guys. They have been away all week to New Hampshire for work and golf; if you can say that in the same sentence. I am still carting Madi around and the gas it guzzles. Wow.  I have awholelotta flimsies that need fmq. I just do not know what the deal is. SURPRISE!!!!! in the ole' mailbox. I feel just like a little kid. Im tellin' ya.

Jilly  sent me awholebuncha stuff. I really wanted the tool caddie she makes from her blogiversary. I didnt win....*pouty face* But now I have that and more. HEEE HEEE HEE .....  yep, kid!

I love the fabric. Wow.... I had one of these art spiral things when I was a kid.  Loved it.

Thank you so much Jilly. Maybe I will feel better and so less pouty, moopy and blah.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mystery #15 for Relay for Life

My first Mystery is finished. I had to take some time to find borders. Actually I dug all of this out of my "stash".  *giggle, smirk* 
I really like this pattern.

Thanks Reenie for introducing me to Relay for Life. I really like the contributing and the mysteries we get to do. =)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tranquiltity Bingo Winner!!!!

A package came in the mail today for the Bingo game on our Tranquiltity Quilt Group.  It came all the way from Heather in California.  And let me just say, "WOW!!!".  There is so much stuff in this medium size box. You so over did this Heather!!!  What a treat!!

Now, this is the first bundle of fat quarters from Jill. 
She must have wanted to win...... 8fq.
 So she had 10 cards.

This is the second bundle from Regina. She had 5 cards.

These are fat quarters but Im not sure who they are from. There are a lot here! But Wow!

Then there are mine, I had 5 cards.

And now for the extra WOW stuff:

Dish towels, heart post-its, note cards, skittles that fizz, Hershey chapstick, orange slice candies, quilt care liquid wash and row marking safety pins. Oh and in the extra fq bundle there is a card that is a Mary Engelbreit Collectible Needle Card that says: The Queen Has Spoken!!! How funny.
Now I am eager to play again.....


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unexpected Quilt

Madi:  Mom. Josh can't find a blanket with the "Oakley" logo on it. Could you make him one for me?

Me:  Maybe???   You would have to draw it up and find fabric.

Madi:  Oh. Just black with white lettering and a black and white backing.

Me: Well, we would have to go find fabric.

Pause.......................10min later...............................  Madi:   Mom Wanna go to JoAnn's???

What do I get myself into?  It didnt take long, but just as I was beginning the borders; my machine went on the fritz.  I took it to Dr. Carl and by the end of the day it was finished and free. Their policy is: bring it back within the year and it will be free.  Wonderful. It had a broken tooth in the bobbin case. He said I need to consider getting a more durable quilting machine. "I know", I said in a slow sad drawl of sheer udder disappointment knowing I will have to wait a long long time to have the machine I want.

Actually I tried two new techniques in binding this quilt. One was from a quilt store during the shop hop. It is a square that you lay down on your quilts corner and mark it with a pencil (a line diagonal with the corner), sew it and lay over your binding as you normally do. It sews up nicely when you do the binding by hand. The second was the sew the ends of the binding then sew it down and there is no telling were you stopped.  Maybe I will have to take pictures the next time Im binding a quilt.