Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unexpected Quilt

Madi:  Mom. Josh can't find a blanket with the "Oakley" logo on it. Could you make him one for me?

Me:  Maybe???   You would have to draw it up and find fabric.

Madi:  Oh. Just black with white lettering and a black and white backing.

Me: Well, we would have to go find fabric.

Pause.......................10min later...............................  Madi:   Mom Wanna go to JoAnn's???

What do I get myself into?  It didnt take long, but just as I was beginning the borders; my machine went on the fritz.  I took it to Dr. Carl and by the end of the day it was finished and free. Their policy is: bring it back within the year and it will be free.  Wonderful. It had a broken tooth in the bobbin case. He said I need to consider getting a more durable quilting machine. "I know", I said in a slow sad drawl of sheer udder disappointment knowing I will have to wait a long long time to have the machine I want.

Actually I tried two new techniques in binding this quilt. One was from a quilt store during the shop hop. It is a square that you lay down on your quilts corner and mark it with a pencil (a line diagonal with the corner), sew it and lay over your binding as you normally do. It sews up nicely when you do the binding by hand. The second was the sew the ends of the binding then sew it down and there is no telling were you stopped.  Maybe I will have to take pictures the next time Im binding a quilt. 



  1. Looks great! I do my binding the way you described (second) and once I got the hang of it, I won't ever go back!

  2. I can't believe you whipped this out so fast!!! GREAT job!!!

  3. That was extremely quick!!! Way to go!!! And I do the second part of the binding like you described. Once you get the way of how the seam needs to be made, it's pretty simple. I have done all of my bindings this way. :)

    Never heard of the other tool. Definitely take pics of that the next time! :)

  4. I do my binding that way aswell and it gives a great finish

    Love and hugs Gina xxx