Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tranquiltity Bingo Winner!!!!

A package came in the mail today for the Bingo game on our Tranquiltity Quilt Group.  It came all the way from Heather in California.  And let me just say, "WOW!!!".  There is so much stuff in this medium size box. You so over did this Heather!!!  What a treat!!

Now, this is the first bundle of fat quarters from Jill. 
She must have wanted to win...... 8fq.
 So she had 10 cards.

This is the second bundle from Regina. She had 5 cards.

These are fat quarters but Im not sure who they are from. There are a lot here! But Wow!

Then there are mine, I had 5 cards.

And now for the extra WOW stuff:

Dish towels, heart post-its, note cards, skittles that fizz, Hershey chapstick, orange slice candies, quilt care liquid wash and row marking safety pins. Oh and in the extra fq bundle there is a card that is a Mary Engelbreit Collectible Needle Card that says: The Queen Has Spoken!!! How funny.
Now I am eager to play again.....



  1. congrats on the win, it was fun watching everyone play. cw

  2. Wow..whadda haul!! lol You deserved to need to keep building up that stash!! Congrats!

  3. Congrats on the win!! Glad that my FQs went to a loving home! :)

  4. Glad for you to win all that! What fun!!

  5. What a great box of goodies. Enjoy your fabric

    Love and hugs Gina xxx