Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Adventure: Fancy Fondant Cake

For Madison's Sweet Sixteen I wanted to attempt a fancy fondant cake. I knew she would love it but I wasn't certain on the finished product; you never really know how things will end up. It took all day Friday to complete. I did the research days before, gathered all  the recipes, watched all the "you tube" video on how to and began at 7am.  I made up two batches of fondant and only needed one. I wasn't sure how far it would go. Then baked the cakes. I made two 9" round, an 7" square and a 6" round.  While they cooled, I made the Buttercream Frosting, cleaned the mess and dug out the cake plate.
I put the square on a separate plate to just do in chocolate frosting for a Madi have to have chocolate cake. I hid it away on the dining room table to be out of sight. Well, Mia (my yorkie pom/chocolate hound) could smell it a mile away and was trying every attempt possible to get up on that table. Saturday night she finally did and ate 1/4 of the square!!!  Madison caught her up on the table in the dark hounding down chocolate cake as fast as she could. Bad doggie.
I assembled the cake, frosted it and it was going quite smoothly.  I added the coloring and made blue and green circles which Madi loves; like in her room. They could have been a little thinner but I was pooping out.  Lastly I made the blue and green balls to go around the borders. Madison absolutely loved the cake. I think she was impressed. That says a lot. She thought I bought the charms that sprouted out from the cake and I made them...  Yep, for once it turned out very nice.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghostly Bowl for Halloween

Once completed and put together I find this Ghostly bowl for Halloween rather cute!  I added the black with orange dot lining that really pulled it together. I would like to buy a plastic round liner for it but it doesn't need it as bad as I thought it would. The bowl holds more candy than I thought and it is not at all flimbsy.  The crochet candy corn is just an embelishment. A " I had to make it" thing.
Oh! here is my scarecrow! I need to brace the back better for hanging and maybe embelish a bit more but you can have a peak...

=) Shellie

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Horses in the Night

The top is finished to Alyssa's quilt. It is a smaller version of Eric's quilt Turtles/Penguins. I just need to get more material that I am admiring for the back. I will use the small strip on quilt of blue hued fabric for the binding and whallah....
=) Shellie

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2 *Shoptoberfest*

My day began with picking up the house and getting ready for my interview for library clerk at a high school. With it down pouring out I was off with umbrella in hand and the best attitude I could muster with flat yucky hair. The interview went well.
I  gassed up the car, waited for Madi to decide on the pep rally (weather decided outdoor or indoor affair) and then it was off to my first stop; The Scarlet Thread in Webster.  It is a nice shop with very nice fabrics. I walked out with a turtle fat quarter.
Then I trekked southward to Caldonia to Chestnut Bay Quilting.  Small and quaint shop with a very nice back room for classes. The demo there was a yo yo kitty, very cute. Again I walked out with a few fat quarters. (dragon fly)
My last stop was Mt Pleasant Quilting Company. I was just there two weeks ago for their anniversary where I had bought plenty. So, I couldnt really find what I had to have. I did want a yo yo maker but they were out and I like some Christmas fabric but again they were out. So believe it or not; nada.

=) Shellie

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shoptoberfest Day 1

With maps in hand, routes fine tuned and plans made I made my way out the door at 8am. My first stop was Creekside Fabrics, Quilts & Yarns. What a great shop!!!  I was a half hour early so I passed it going into Arcade and said "Hmmm, It's open!" but I felt funny showing up that early so I continued driving and stopped at Mickey D's for a sausage biscuit and to slow down a bit.  I park out back and walk in and "ShopHop????"    and I said "Yeeessss......"   kinda unsure. "Well, You're our first arrival. Can I take your picture?"  Sure...
What a great shop Sandy has!!!  I love her fabrics, spirit and the goodybag is to die for; a pattern, seam ripper, needles, chocolate, crackers,and coupon. WOW...  no one of the other shops have topped that. 
goody bag

From there I traveled to University at Buffalo to see Eric and to take him to lunch at Walden Galaria Mall.  He looks bushed. Then it was a hike to Lockport (very Northside) to Heartland Quilt Shop. Also, a very nice shop. They demonstrated a tool called Triangulations it is a $30 cdrom where you print up in any size half square. You just sew along the dotted lines and presto your finished with tons of perfect triangle squares.

In Medina, The Whole Nine Yards, is a fabulous antique/country quilt store. Great ideas and samples were on display. I bought 10 fat quarters there and 1 free. I just couldnt decide so that is when I fat quarter it...

Onward to Home. In Spencerport is Betty's Quilting Store and I bought the fabric I have been eyeing for months. It was moved and I was frantic. I do not like it when they move fabric around. I just felt like I had to buy what I wanted for the "Phoebe" pattern in Easy Quilts magazine. So its a start anyway.  And I also bought fat quarters but I thought they were on sale but not so big mistake on my part. $15 more spent...yikes. Oh well, I really love this print. And now I am resting up for tomorrow.... (after job interview) and Saturday (whatever I do not accomplish) Whewwww!!!!