Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Adventure: Fancy Fondant Cake

For Madison's Sweet Sixteen I wanted to attempt a fancy fondant cake. I knew she would love it but I wasn't certain on the finished product; you never really know how things will end up. It took all day Friday to complete. I did the research days before, gathered all  the recipes, watched all the "you tube" video on how to and began at 7am.  I made up two batches of fondant and only needed one. I wasn't sure how far it would go. Then baked the cakes. I made two 9" round, an 7" square and a 6" round.  While they cooled, I made the Buttercream Frosting, cleaned the mess and dug out the cake plate.
I put the square on a separate plate to just do in chocolate frosting for a Madi have to have chocolate cake. I hid it away on the dining room table to be out of sight. Well, Mia (my yorkie pom/chocolate hound) could smell it a mile away and was trying every attempt possible to get up on that table. Saturday night she finally did and ate 1/4 of the square!!!  Madison caught her up on the table in the dark hounding down chocolate cake as fast as she could. Bad doggie.
I assembled the cake, frosted it and it was going quite smoothly.  I added the coloring and made blue and green circles which Madi loves; like in her room. They could have been a little thinner but I was pooping out.  Lastly I made the blue and green balls to go around the borders. Madison absolutely loved the cake. I think she was impressed. That says a lot. She thought I bought the charms that sprouted out from the cake and I made them...  Yep, for once it turned out very nice.


  1. It's fabulous.

    Wish Madi a belated birthday from me won't you

    Love and hugs Gina xxx