Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flannel top may still be of some use....

I may need to make a to do list for this week.  Spring break is going to be long and I think a lot of cleaning will be accomplished and items on the "To Do List" crossed off which Im not for certain is a great thing....  I love getting things finished but being forced to due to lack of things to do is something else. Everyone is on vacation and hubby is out of town again but it is only a few more days then I will have a house full. Ahhh!

I finished the flannel yellow brick road today. I just needed to sew the rows and then today did the borders and then we will sandwich this one because the backing has already been purchased.

Now on to some errands that I need to run: hair cut for Madi, pick up contacts for Eric and Easter items.

Have a great Spring day!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monkey Biz top

Here is the Monkey Biz top. The batik strips were from the November '10 retreat in Connecticut and the light strips were from my birthday gift from Reenie.

and now I am finishing this top from the Relay for life mystery 18.

I ran out of bobbin thread at ten last night so that was it for me.
I need to sew the last few on the row for the right side and then sew them on.

Today I may work on the flannel quilt and the other mystery to add the small stars in and a few wallets.
maybe... though I have not much else to do with hubby away and a grumpy daughter on the couch all stuffy.
So I go to the basement and sew with Mia.

Happy Palm Sunday!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Christmas Quiltalong in April

Yep. Wrap your head around that one....  Not only do I want spring and sunshine but now I have to think Christmas... ha ha. Well, I know I need to pick up my sewing room, then finish Monkey biz, then I would like to look for fabric for the stars in our block we have received and see what I have, and there are two other quilts I would love to finish into tops. This is a lot. Then if I get bored or bothered with any of those I have the yo yo gingerbread house wall hanging to do.

We will see what my hands wanna do. Right now I need coffee.  Be back in a bit...


I decided on the yoyo wall hanging. 

Remember this? I found it in Maryland while shopping with my cousin. There was one made up but I do not remember it at this scale...

It be a nice big size. I still add a white piece to the bottom, not sure when, and I am now going to pick out the color for windows and add the snow along the roof. Then I will see what is next.

I have also rhinestoned Madi's costume and enjoyed outside a bit with the picking up twigs, cleaning out the car and playing with Mia, yorkie pom who will be 7yrs in May.
Time to go see if I can work on this before it is dinner time or after.