Wednesday, June 30, 2010

College hunting

College hunting is nothing like Fabric hunting.  I do not like hunting for colleges especially with child 2, aka Madison. We have just returned from visiting the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. SMALL....  I would die. Not enough people there in that one building to be called a college for me.2500-3000 students.  I need to branch out.  I do like Pittsburgh. What a lovely city!

This school is so expensive: $400+ a credit hour.... holy moly.  She is interested in Advertising/Graphic Design. This Ai is very promising but I am just not sold. A lot of thinking is going to go on in this already hurtin' head... Madi is not the best travel partner. If the tom tom was not yelling at me she was; youre going to get us killed, wrong way, that left, you missed it again and whinnnnnnne......  Hey! not a dent, not lost, and I think we had fun. She is a party pooper but I did my best for what I had to work with....not much time and her messing up our schedule.

We did end up finding the Duquesne Incline. Dont ask how, pure luck....  I ended up on top the mountain and not below which to me was better and hey, it didnt matter. Madison all of a sudden was afraid of heights but went on anyway.  So if she really was she wouldnt have.... just didnt love the height of where we were. She rides the Superman no less....

The river view is what we saw from the top. The three rivers come together at the point. (Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela)  So cool. Ai is along that river edge as well, past the yellow bridge on the right.
I will sleep well tired.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Civil War fabric

Regina emailed me this sale of Civil War fabric and items of a closing store down the road from me. This morining I go first thing a found a ton of fabric. I think I want to go back.

I found 8yds of backing (on the bottom) for the Sunny Lanes quilt Regina and I are working on.

The red above the brown print is 4yds for the borders and I only need 2.

The rest is for the Underground Railroad Sampler I want to do.

I may return, trying not to now..., to gather a few yds for the borders of the Underground RR Sampler.

I have been searching and searching for great prices and the perfect fabric and all this for $30 is EXCELLENT!!!
                                                                                                       I was looking at $50+ for the backing.

Happy Happy Shellie =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pinwheel Party Quilt is finished

Twiddletails hosted a Pinwheel Party Quilt along and here is mine after 12 + wks of blocks to do.

I love it!!  It is mine. It is going in our room because the colors match and I do not have a throw quilt in there to use like I have made for everyone else. This quilt makes me smile...  yellow- my favorite.

I learned a lot doing this quilt. I enjoyed the quilt along but did not end up doing it weekly as it was put on the blog.

Now to go pick out the backing. I have two to pick from. When I went on the shop hop I bought fabric to back this quilt and then remembered I have fabric that matches my bedspread.  I am not sure if I want it to match perfectly.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Stish is a Stash.... when?

With going on the Shop Hop and showing my fabric findings, everyone says my Stish is a Stash. So, what makes a stash?

  • Jennifer says more than a drawer or a bin.  I have that!
           - I have 4 drawers, a cabinet and a shelf of fat quarters and charm packs.

So I would like more opinions. What do you consider a stash?

Honestly, I was considering a stash of every color fabric in yardage which I do not have and a few fabric line fabric in charm packs, layer cakes, or jelly rolls.

What do you think a stash is????


Friday, June 11, 2010

Western New York Shop Hop

12/12 stores completed and whew!, I'm pooped but psyched.

   Day 1: Ivy Thimble - Victor                    
              Mt. Pleasant - York
              Chestnut Bay Quilting - Caledonia
              Worked 1/2 day
               Betty's Quilting Store - Spencerport       Country Treasures - Brockport
 Day 2: Whole Nine Yds - Medina  
             Heartland - Lockport
             after working all day
 Day 3: Aurora Sewing Store
            Carriage Quilt Shop - Aurora
             Aurora Sewing Store - Williamsville
             Marie's Sewing Center - Lockport    Sew What? - Williamsville

These are the strips we collected along the way. Four from each shop to make a finished quilt which we were given at our last shop visited when we turn in our passport. There is a few strips in there that are way crazy.

Collected 30's fabric from Ivy Thimble.

                                          FQs from Betty's on sale. 4yds from Carriage Quilt Shop 25% off.
                                           for Pinwheel Party Quilt. Dragonfly was from Marie's 1/4yd.

Civil War Reproductions for Underground Railroad Sampler
I collected these from every place else. 1/4 yd here and 1/2 here there...

Oh! I picked up this flower brooch from Whole Nine Yards.... love it!!!

Well, there you have it. The best part is Madison drove me on Day 2.  She was so tired after 2 1/2hrs of driving. She is doing very well though.

All in all I had a nice outing. I needed it. I do hope to drag a few friends around next time.... ummm
REENIE ..... REGINA hummmmm....

and yes my stish is growing but it is still to be used and not kept for a someday project....


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

STISH Buildage

All this for under $22!!! Couple of baby quilts in there and yardage and red print for red quilt.  All at JoAnn's Red Dot 50% off sale for Memorial Day.