Friday, June 11, 2010

Western New York Shop Hop

12/12 stores completed and whew!, I'm pooped but psyched.

   Day 1: Ivy Thimble - Victor                    
              Mt. Pleasant - York
              Chestnut Bay Quilting - Caledonia
              Worked 1/2 day
               Betty's Quilting Store - Spencerport       Country Treasures - Brockport
 Day 2: Whole Nine Yds - Medina  
             Heartland - Lockport
             after working all day
 Day 3: Aurora Sewing Store
            Carriage Quilt Shop - Aurora
             Aurora Sewing Store - Williamsville
             Marie's Sewing Center - Lockport    Sew What? - Williamsville

These are the strips we collected along the way. Four from each shop to make a finished quilt which we were given at our last shop visited when we turn in our passport. There is a few strips in there that are way crazy.

Collected 30's fabric from Ivy Thimble.

                                          FQs from Betty's on sale. 4yds from Carriage Quilt Shop 25% off.
                                           for Pinwheel Party Quilt. Dragonfly was from Marie's 1/4yd.

Civil War Reproductions for Underground Railroad Sampler
I collected these from every place else. 1/4 yd here and 1/2 here there...

Oh! I picked up this flower brooch from Whole Nine Yards.... love it!!!

Well, there you have it. The best part is Madison drove me on Day 2.  She was so tired after 2 1/2hrs of driving. She is doing very well though.

All in all I had a nice outing. I needed it. I do hope to drag a few friends around next time.... ummm
REENIE ..... REGINA hummmmm....

and yes my stish is growing but it is still to be used and not kept for a someday project....



  1. I think your stish has officially become a stash! Sounds like a great time!

  2. Looks like you got some awesome things!!! Shop hops are so much fun!!! :)