Friday, June 25, 2010

Civil War fabric

Regina emailed me this sale of Civil War fabric and items of a closing store down the road from me. This morining I go first thing a found a ton of fabric. I think I want to go back.

I found 8yds of backing (on the bottom) for the Sunny Lanes quilt Regina and I are working on.

The red above the brown print is 4yds for the borders and I only need 2.

The rest is for the Underground Railroad Sampler I want to do.

I may return, trying not to now..., to gather a few yds for the borders of the Underground RR Sampler.

I have been searching and searching for great prices and the perfect fabric and all this for $30 is EXCELLENT!!!
                                                                                                       I was looking at $50+ for the backing.

Happy Happy Shellie =)


  1. Very nice civil war fabrics! I am in a civil war club and we are making lots of blocks with tiny, teeny pieces, all by hand! Fun!

  2. What a great bargain

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. It's all gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see mine!!! lol