Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Stish is a Stash.... when?

With going on the Shop Hop and showing my fabric findings, everyone says my Stish is a Stash. So, what makes a stash?

  • Jennifer says more than a drawer or a bin.  I have that!
           - I have 4 drawers, a cabinet and a shelf of fat quarters and charm packs.

So I would like more opinions. What do you consider a stash?

Honestly, I was considering a stash of every color fabric in yardage which I do not have and a few fabric line fabric in charm packs, layer cakes, or jelly rolls.

What do you think a stash is????



  1. I think a stash is any fabric bought with out a project in mind that is being "stashed" for a "I might need it moment".

  2. I think you have reached a stash!!!

  3. Stash - fabric not purchased for a specific project, or leftover from a completed project - that is awaiting it's time to be used. If you can say "I need to make XXX" and dive into your drawers and shelves and come up with the materials to make it without buying anything - you have a stash!!