Wednesday, June 30, 2010

College hunting

College hunting is nothing like Fabric hunting.  I do not like hunting for colleges especially with child 2, aka Madison. We have just returned from visiting the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. SMALL....  I would die. Not enough people there in that one building to be called a college for me.2500-3000 students.  I need to branch out.  I do like Pittsburgh. What a lovely city!

This school is so expensive: $400+ a credit hour.... holy moly.  She is interested in Advertising/Graphic Design. This Ai is very promising but I am just not sold. A lot of thinking is going to go on in this already hurtin' head... Madi is not the best travel partner. If the tom tom was not yelling at me she was; youre going to get us killed, wrong way, that left, you missed it again and whinnnnnnne......  Hey! not a dent, not lost, and I think we had fun. She is a party pooper but I did my best for what I had to work with....not much time and her messing up our schedule.

We did end up finding the Duquesne Incline. Dont ask how, pure luck....  I ended up on top the mountain and not below which to me was better and hey, it didnt matter. Madison all of a sudden was afraid of heights but went on anyway.  So if she really was she wouldnt have.... just didnt love the height of where we were. She rides the Superman no less....

The river view is what we saw from the top. The three rivers come together at the point. (Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela)  So cool. Ai is along that river edge as well, past the yellow bridge on the right.
I will sleep well tired.


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