Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghostly Bowl for Halloween

Once completed and put together I find this Ghostly bowl for Halloween rather cute!  I added the black with orange dot lining that really pulled it together. I would like to buy a plastic round liner for it but it doesn't need it as bad as I thought it would. The bowl holds more candy than I thought and it is not at all flimbsy.  The crochet candy corn is just an embelishment. A " I had to make it" thing.
Oh! here is my scarecrow! I need to brace the back better for hanging and maybe embelish a bit more but you can have a peak...

=) Shellie


  1. How adorable!! I wish I were better at decorating for the holidays, but Christmas is the only one I "do it up" for. I admire your spunk!

  2. That Scarecrow is too CUTE! So bright and cheery! and love the Ghost bowl and candy corn.

  3. That is the cutest thing goin', Shellie!