Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here is a look at the Jitterbug top.  This pattern I quilted along with Reenie. Hers was completed last week. I take a bit longer to put the rows together. There seems to always be a kink in my plans or a kid interrupting. 

I love this quilt. The pattern is another story...

Reenie: I think we will have to bring this one to the retreat to snuggle in as we sip our wine laughing and chit chatting. 

I'm not sure on the name. I am thinking along the lines of Friendly Ties, 30's medley, Can you find the bunny? (LOL) or Gma's Time??? 



  1. Yay!!! I love it!!! Yup..definitely going to bring mine with me to the retreat!!! When you get back, we will have to start on Marie's table runner.