Sunday, January 3, 2010

I have a SEWING AREA !

Santa Baby brought me this sewing table and had it under my tree.  He is an awesome fellow. Just what I pointed to and said "I would love this".
We were trying to figure out where to put it in the den and Eric said "we could make an area for you downstairs where you saved the old carpet for". Ookie dookie. We worked on this all yesterday and me today organizing my tidbits of sewing supplies. Honestly if I were to add up all my purchases I think I would scare the pants off all of you.  I have bought a great deal of fabric this year. (remember no stash... my word is STISH)

This is what my area looks like so far. I have more work to do, shelves and baskets to buy and organize some more.  The center picture is my fat quarters, charm packs, and patterns. The right picture is an old cabinet where I put thread, pins, zippers, and odds and ends. The other side of the area has a antique love seat and chair; it is near the old cabinet.  Behind the sewing table I want the cork board to go up and maybe some shelving then place more along the other wall where the old cabinet is...  My stish is in an extra large tub which is about full of yardage. 
I think it will work!



  1. Absolutely wonderful! So great that you can start in a fresh space and get it set up the way you like! Hope you have good light down there so you can sew day and night!!!! Is there room for company? My machine can travel!

  2. How awesome!! A quarter of the basement to call your own! lol

    It's great to have a place just for you, isn't it?? It looks awesome!

  3. Way to go- you know the thing about us quilters is that when they give us a quarter of the basement we end up with the whole thing after awhile. I am on Half-seys right now and eyeing the other 'side' pretty hard like! Congrats, looking good! cw

  4. Looks Great Shellie! Enjoy!!

  5. Yay for you!!! you have to quilt yourself a snuggie so you can be toasty down there when you work!! Um..make that room for 2 extra down there. My machine will travel the same time Regina's does!!