Sunday, March 28, 2010

All fixed and Summer Breeze is finished!

Boy, Oh, Boy!!!
It took a lot to get my Kenmore fixed. Evidently it was a broken housing in the bobbin area and few other tweaks that needed to be done. But she is running like a champ now.
I have noticed my tension is not good when fmq so after looking through Clotilde magazine, I found this little gizmo and made my own. I need to make another to fit tighter but it works. It is called the Wonder Thread Guide. The little Kenmore I had on loan had one already on it so Im not sure why mine does not. It could sure use it.

I also noticed a lot of talk on gloves while fmq. I use scrub gloves. They work great and are inexpensive. It is also what I had on hand. I could not use my gardening gloves, they are so dirty. I may have a mismatched pair though.

On to the finished product......
See the swirls in the fmq? The breezy wind in Summer's Breeze.



  1. The FMQ looks fantastic! Glad you were able to get past all the issues and now have it finished!

  2. Yay! Glad your machine is fixed! Your quilt looks great!

  3. wow..that fmq is AMAZING!! That must have taken you forever to complete!!