Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My New Edition

A dear friend, Cathy,  asked if I could use a treasure from her basement; this lovely cabinet her husband made her a long time ago. After all my "are you sure" s, I took this beauty home. I shall treasure this wonderful cabinet forever. It has a very good home.
I have furnished it with all of my Projects To Do.... you all know them as UFO's but that sounds so of a "not wanting to finish" thing and not a "I can't wait to finish it" project.
There is a lot in there so I better get crackin'.  Top shelf holds 30's fabric (with Reenie), 2nd holds "Summer Breeze, 3rd holds Fall quilt, 4th holds 2 projects - toy bom and "Sunny Lanes" fabric, last shelf is the Panache layer cake for ps i quilt project and white fabric for heart blocks.

Thank you Cathy from my whole heart!
I love it.



  1. Lucky you, what a great friend! Perfect use for it! Nice~

  2. So glad you finally said YES - it's perfect! May the shelves be filled with many special projects for many years to come!!!