Monday, July 11, 2011

Japanese Knot Bag

As I mentioned, I bought fabric for a gift for mom's friend. I do hope this cheers her up a little. I know her heart is breaking with the loss of her son.
I finished the Japanese knot bag.  I really like it. I picked out the fabric at Ivy Thimble while I was out with the gals. I needed to be on the hunt for something.....
It is reversible and you just slip it on your wrist and you are off.
                                            The colors just pop.  Toni, mom's friend, is from Japan; the reason behind my selecting this pattern. 

Now on to read a chapter or two and sleep. I have to get up a 5am; working overtime again.


  1. Very cute bag, Shellie. I am impressed with how fast you finished it!

  2. Very nice bag Shellie great job.