Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi!! I so Miss you!!

Hi all...  I am MIA!  My computer is in the shop probably for another week. I am so sad. The good news is I have a JOB.... YAY!!! Finally. And I love it. I started two days ago. I am a Lab tech/braces specialist for Six Month Smiles.  I am just unpacking the lab now and it should start up in June. I love this company, the people, and everything so far.

On the quilt side, I am working on a few ufo's and haven't been down in the basement since my job. It's ok. Im good.

So sorry Im not keeping up with you. I only can use a computer here and there (my hubbies or son's).


Missing computer but loving job!!


  1. Yay and yay!! Sorry about the computer!

  2. Sorry about the computer but well done on the job. I hope you continue to enjoy it

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Been missing you also. Congratulations on the job. With your bubbly personality I am sure every one will love you too.

  4. Oh Shellie-I am so happy you found a job and you will be great. Good luck and keep us posted when you can-hopefully soon.