Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Sharing and Sewing with Reenie

Yay!!! Finally some quality time with Reenie. Saturday was set aside for sewing and catching up. A lot of chatting took place here. I dont think there was a silent moment. (And if you know Reenie and sewing, she shuts up when she we must really missed the chatting...)

First we did our Christmas gifts exchange which we just did out of pure love and devotion.....not planned what so ever.  Santa brought me two Scrap Basket Surprises quilt pattern books so I just had to give one to Reenie. He knows one book would just not do. I also made her a green fuzzy warm cozy scarf which she wore all day long. 

Doesn't she look toasty!!!

Reenie's picture

Here is my gift from her. She tricked me. As she had implied on her blog this tree runner was someone else but when I opened my gift I was so happy the tree runner I loved was for me.

Love it! It is on my coffee table in my family room.

Oh sewing...  Yes we did some sewing. We made these table decorations if you will.
Reenie's picture

Now we have to embroider.  The directions had "Faith, Hope, Love and Joy" around the borders.
We wanted to do it by machine but the font wasn't large enough. I think by hand is prettier.

Reenie taught me paper piecing with the trees in the runner she made for me. I think I have found a new love... 
there was a moment though that I continued to sew the fabric in the wrong direction. Third time was a charm I guess but my head started to hurt....this is when we stopped to venture out to Craft Bits and Pieces. I have been itching to buy some good fabric for cheap cheap.

Ah so much fun!!
Thanks Reenie for a great day!


  1. Looks wonderful - can't wait to see what you do with the paper piecing! :-)

  2. haha..Great pic of the scarf..awful pic of me! Couldn't you have cut my head off in the pic?? lolol