Thursday, December 9, 2010

My New Tree Skirt

My tree skirt is complete and under the tree. Yay!!!  This project truly took longer than I anticipated.
Here it is before I cut the center hole.

Here we are selecting our tree. It's a frasier fir. It was so cold and snowy Monday afternoon that we actually, for the first time, chose a pre cut tree. Just cut two days before mind you but we usually get the saw and do it ourself.

                     Yes it is coming together. Im almost finished. I really like the tree skirt. It is made of old fabrics and scrappy.

Now onto finishing the fall top and the heart block top which are just about finished. Then to make the yoyo wall hanging that is the gingerbread house. I also need to finish the mystery, just about done with it also.


  1. Shellie..that turned out GORGEOUS!! Just perfect under the tree!! I am sure it seemed like a long time to you, but it seemed to me like you flew through it. Btw...I just LOVE Jitterbug up on your banner!!

  2. Beautiful Tree Skirt and lovely Christmas tree - even if you did have to buy it! Your tree and fireplace look so inviting.