Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmastime ~ a little early then off to Maryland

Usually we have to celebrate Christmas early. This year we had ours on Wednesday the 22nd. It began with tradition of placing the star on the top of the tree....

yep, that is 19 yr old Eric.

We had a nice dinner of roast, potatoes, carrots and biscuits.

Santa came and stuffed the stockings and placed the presents.

And a ring at the door with the UPS man delivering tvs for Madi and Eric which were suppose to be sent when we returned from Maryland. So, good and bad situation; Madi is at the door and sees her big gift and so surprise ruined... although we do not have to worry about it coming after we leave. ??? it's all good.

Mia opens her presents. This was her second go since she found them all by herself earlier while I was cooking in the kitchen. Yes, they were under the tree and no one showed her which ones were hers.

Eric opened his Lampard jersey from Chelsea soccer team. He was so excited.

These are Madi's new boots. Can't you see her excitement. It's hard to shop for someone who asks for a car.... notta chance.

Josh, Madi's boyfriend, actually came by for a visit.

The next day, Thursday, we arrived at Mom and Dad's house around 3pm.
Their house is decorated like Macy's in NYC.

Dining room tree.

I just love the way mom decorates a tree. She has 4.

He still has no clue to what is in the box...." Eric, what did you ask for?"  "I dont remember" " so it's ok then next year if we get you whatever?"  "um noooooo"..... 

"Oh yeah.....  I really wanted these ! And all three wedges!  wow!!!!"

Madi opened her Chi flat iron. 

and some fuzzy fleece sheets (which she already has put on her bed and cleaned out her entire room, as she did last year, right when she got home)

Mom is opening her earings. Fire topas with leverback. 
Dad is opening his saying "hmmm what did I ask for?"
Must be an epidemic.

This is Te'a. Mom and Dad's Yorkie.

Here is Eric (hubby) and Te'a working on the fire insert. Te'a loves the fireplace.
We can say "fire" or "brrrr" or "cold" and she will bark and go to the fireplace.
She is very upset it is not working so she is assisting Eric.

Alyssa and Brittany                                                         Brook  loves penguins.     (my sister's girls)
                                                                                     I made the blanket for her. Embroidered the edge.

This was a great Christmas. We had fun and it even snowed a little. (more the next day)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Awww..thanks for sharing your holidays with us. the only thing that was missing is Norman Rockwell painting them! The pics are just wonderful!!!