Monday, November 15, 2010

Cobble Court Quilt Retreat

       Arriving at Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut after our dinner at dec*ca*pous....sounding like a spanish dead cow on the GPS...   de Capos, we immediately threw our stuff in our rooms and set up shop geared for sewing.

      We sewed until 9pm and began our Meet and Greet session with a Show n Tell of a quilt we brought and wine/cheese.  I truly enjoyed the display and stories each of us brought. Every single quilt or picture was completely unique.



I loved how these stories were told of these quilts that they became a piece of me now and now know a special part of each of them.
We did surprise Marie with a baby quilt for her new grandson. It turned out wonderful. Diane (who wasnt able to come but is a part of our circle) did a great job putting the quilt top together and Patrice did an amazing job finishing and quilting it.

Marie and Patrice

On Saturday there was lots of sewing. I worked on my fall disappearing nine patch.

still working on it...   I ended up putting it away and sewed together the rows of my tree skirt and binded a doll quilt.

Saturday we braked for lunch and went into Litchfield. We ate at the restaurant that Marie described vividly in her book "A Single Thread". We met Charlie, who treated us like queens and had a wonderful dessert that was to die for. I had the best scrumptious linguine I have ever had.

As we left the Grill we ventured down to Cobble Court. It is really there and saw Marie's vision of how she would love to truly have a quilt shop there in Cobble Court in New Bern....our story town.  It is a hidden hideaway. 

Looking down Cobble Court

Evelyn's Quilt shop (really an antique shop)

Sue, Debbie (slightly behind), Beth, Patrice, Lillian (back), Sandra, Reenie (center back), Marie, Cathy G (back),  Kathy, Paula (back), Cathy McG, me, Pam.  Front: Dorothy, Jen, and Karen

We also did pillow cases for Susan B Anthony House there in CT. We ended up with 40.
 40 Pillow cases to donate.

Not only was this a quilting retreat, it was a weekend of bonding friendship and spiritual growth due to this tie we all share from Cobble Court.

I am so proud and touched to have 16 friends for life and many more to come from our lovely quilting circle.



  1. Love the photos. Looks like you had a great time

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Oh, Shellie! You captured it all beautifully!! Wah..wanna go back tonight?? lol

  3. Alright my friend...... when do we go back? I am ready and waiting! :) :)

  4. I just finished reading the book "A single Thread". I have read all three of the Cobble Court books and loved them. Thanks for the pictures. It looks just like I thought the quilt shop would look.

  5. Oh Shellie, you did a great job capturing the spirit of the weekend. What a great time we had!!

  6. I love the books and had no idea that the places were real. How cool that you got to see it all!!! And aren't retreats just the best???