Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unearthed Treasure

Last night I ran over to Regina's house for a quilt session of sharing fabric, pattern and ideas. Boy! did the juices get flowing!! I showed my pictures of quilts I am working on and she layed out her "stack and whack" of Witchy wonder" then the ideas began to pour. Maybe change this with that or yes that idea in that book is too busy.... churn, churn, churn. Then as I began to cut some batting for Regina she pulls out fabrics from her bottomless pit of a drawer and out comes this turtle fabric. WOW!!! that would be perfect for a quick quilt to send Eric (my newly graduated son) off to college with, Im thinking to myself and what does she do- but hands it off to me and says" give it life" ...if we add this and that and it goes with this pattern then whalla... she says "Merry Christmas, it's yours."

Today I run to JoAnn's and spend way too much time contemplating what to do when she gave me fabric to work with but I had to make sure it said "Yes, this is great!" So I replaced the white dotted brown with brown and black crackle... and then bought a green mossy fabric for "Baby Honu" quilt (Regina has been gathering and working on also) to make into turtle bodies. Whew..I have two WOF panels completed and it is wonderful. I love it! Thank you Regina and thank you also for getting me to look into blogging.... this may be fun.


  1. LOL -I think that brown crackle is in that same "bottomless drawer" - just a bit further down! Great choice- it is really coming together! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. That's going to be lovely. I knew if I turned Regina onto that pattern that she would put it to good use by sharing it. Looking forward to seeing the Baby Honu quilts when you and Regina finish them. Mine just needs the borders and the top will be done.
    Susan (Regina's quilting sister in SC)

  3. Nice meeting you sistere Susan in SC. I thank you for the sharing and sharing. I think it what I love most about quilting is the companionship it has brought me. I cant wait to see your Baby Honu.... keep me posted. Mine will be a bit..