Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's a GREAT thing to do!!!!

As was passed on by Regina, Mt Pleasant Quilting Company is putting together a Cancer Survivor Celebration in August. She was asked to join in when she visited the shop on her "shop hop" to Painted Post/Corning and of course the answer was "yes". On her blog, "The Queen Bee's Buzz", she passes along the information to join in on the cause. I had to participate.

I too have family members who have had bouts of cancer, some have fared well and others have not. The family member I chose was my grandfather who had lung cancer. He survived his cancer by having half a lung removed and years later past on due to heart failure. His name was Robert Worrell.

The color to represent lung cancer is pearl. We are to do two blocks; a friendship and a nine patch. They are quick and fun to do. It truly inspired me to do these blocks while remembering my grandfather.

I may have time to do a few more. I will have to check the date to turn them in.

What a great thing to do!

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