Thursday, August 20, 2009

My To Do List...

Since I have been home from Maryland I have been crazy crazy! Today I am taking Mia, my yorkie pom, to the vet for her check up. She is 5yrs old.

Lately I have been school shopping and running the roads with a ton of errands. I am trying to gather everything Eric needs for college and while he is a #1 procrastinator; it's rough. He did download his Adobe software into his laptop and made certain it worked and he knew how to use it before I rushed to the post office to send it to Grandaddy. (who paid for it- yippie! he wants it too...) Madi on the other hand, is right on top top top of things. "Mom, I need school supplies. Mom, I need tops, jeans, boots, and skirts.." ... the list is endlist...

I am finished with the turtles bodies and shells and I am deciding on background fabric. I will sew them tonight. Now onto the snail trail blocks... no clue. I saw a tutitorial on yube tube and "I see" occurs but it is not the way the pattern decribes to do it. Baby Honu wants paper piecing and to use a reverse... REGINA!!! have you started this?

I need to tack down the penguin/turtle quilt. Hand quilt the "Among the Garden" yellow brick road quilt and get back to other stuff.


  1. Paper piecing is not my strongest talent - but I can do it. Maybe we can find an evening to get together and play with some scraps to see how she does it.

  2. That or does it have to be pieced? There is a block that is just sewn on
    Love getting together to sew... anytime.