Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sewin' Day with Reenie

I arrive at Reenie's with all of my cargo and she blurts out, " Would you like to hit a quilt shop?"

Like there is any reason to ask me twice though I say " Are you kidding me?"  ha ha ha ha....  (did I hear her right? what about the no shopping..... I wonder to myself)

"I thought we could take a drive to Ivy Thimble. I love that shop." she says.  "ok"......

"When?" I ask....."NOW! that way we get it done and then sew." she says.  "Boy, you've thought this out."

So.... we head on down to Ivy Thimble with stops along the way.  First we stop at Craft Bits n Pieces.

I bought this for $22

Then we are off to Good Will cuz we hear on the radio that the Bee was there and we thought we would try a spin on the wheel.  Well, wrong one I guess so we just wonder around and Reenie finds a 4yd cut of fabric for $2. Deal of the day! Onto to Ivy Thimble.

I bought a few quarter cuts of 30's prints and a fat quarter for my flannel Yellow Brick Road I'm about to sew. I needed one more light. 

I was wondering around and picked up a batik jellyroll in lights. I said wow, this would be perfect for my quilt with the retreat strips I collected to make the Monkey Business quilt. (but I already have a tone on tone that is fine. I tell myself and Reenie. I talk myself out of it.)  So around and around we go looking and loving all the fabric. They have such a great collection and assortment.

Yep, it ended up in my bag as we walked out the door. Here you go she says. Happy Birthday!!!
Too much missy...... too much.  (but I love it. Mind you all day she speaks nothing of my birthday being Monday nor do I. I was super just out and about sewing day.....sneak!!!)

So, it will go in this..... Monkey Business

and use the strips from the retreat.

Then we were off to get pizza to bring home. Yay.... hungry.
Little bit of Pepsi.  Glasses of wine.

And then cut the fabric for the table runner "Star Crossed Love" from Marie's book A Thread so Thin.

Here are the two sets I finished (8). Two more sets to go.

I was so pooped when I left that I made a wrong turn onto Rt 283. I was heading east. I must have wanted to be RETREAT bound...  so I turned around about 10ish minutes down the road (the wrong way) and head home. So I talked to Patrice, got a shower and watched a little tv then went to bed.

Good day. Good day.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day, happy b-day to you! cw

  2. Oh I just love the stonehenge fabric, I sure hope that we can Ivy Thimble and Craft Bits n Pieces when I come to your part of the world.
    Happy Birthday, glad you had a great day with Maureen. It was great talking with you Sat night. Patrice

  3. What a great day! You got some good deals on your fabric and a wonderful present to boot. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see the Monkey Business quilt - it will be gorgeous in those fabrics!

  4. What a perfect day-really wish I could have joined you. I love the fabric and I too am trying to figure out what to do with my strips from the retreat-thinking bow ties maybe.
    Hope you have a great birthday.

  5. Sounds like you had a blast!! And what a great prezzie from Reenie!! I love surprises like that!

    Happy birthday!!!

  6. Oh..such fun!! I always have a great time when we get together! Now I can't wait to see Monkey Business all done!! lol