Saturday, January 1, 2011

01~01~11 Wow!!

I am so excited about this 2011!!  My resolution is to lose weight.... maybe if I write it it will happen!!!
I have a "To Do List" of UFO's to finish and new quilts to do....
  • paper piecing tree table topper  UFO
  • square to embroider  UFO
  • Fall quilt - just need to do borders  UFO
  • Heart Swap quilt - borders  UFO
  • mystery - finish clues 10-13 (sew blocks) borders  UFO
  • fmq Sunny Lanes and bind  UFO
  • Yellow Brick Road in flannel
  • table runner with Reenie
  • old old fall quilt from way back when....   UFO
  • red/white quilt want to do
  • toille quilt
  • new 30's with Reenie and Kathy
  • winter block swap with CCQ
  • graduation quilt for Adina
  • yoyo wallhanging gingerbread house
Seven UFO's. Not bad. Quite a few were to be finished.  I hope to get them finished quickly so I can begin new things.  Cleaning out the scrap baskets are up on the top of the list too. Mia is not happy with me. She sleeps in the baskets.  I am filling a pillow case of unusuable scraps and threads. I tied it tonight for her to lay on and gave her a piece of flannel to snuggle her nose in.  She found that very rewarding and she is quite content. Well, was earlier. It's way past nite nite time.

Here is my block to the New Year's Eve 2010 Mystery from Fabricaholics Anonymous group.
My focus does not pop but I love my dragonflies.

I will sew all these together in the morning after my workout. I guess the positive thinking is in order for good food and a good workout.  Bacon and eggs ...  sounds good.

Happy New Year all !  May we have another great year in quilting!!!


  1. Great list Shellie and I am sure you will make good progress on it. I also get the losing weight thing...been there done that. One thing that helped me was writing down every single thing I ate, used an app called Lose It on my iPod Touch and it was a great motivator not to grab that handful of M&Ms because I knew that I'd have to track the calories. Good luck!

  2. I love that I am on the list Shellie and I love your block from Fabricholics anonymous. I went to her sight,I think,but it's an etsy site-is that the right place???