Thursday, September 23, 2010


.... this is what I feel like lately; MIA, missing in action. The kids are back in school, I still have no job to fill up my days, and the full moon, I think, is making me "moony" as we call it in Southern Maryland. (another word for goofy or off kilter)  In between all of this chaos that is going on in my pretty little head, my new Janome 6600P was delivered. Poooor box. The box didn't look to good; luckily it was packed with the hard styrofoam stuff and is absolutely perfect.

 I have been working on all the new feet and stitches and I have a ways to go and explore but WOW!!! is this thing awesome. 

I did finish a pillow from the panel Sue gave me from our Valentine Swap. Isn't it just fittin'.

The reverse side.

When I went out shop hopping and to the Quilt Show with Regina, which we had a great time being absolutely consumed with fabric and quilts, we came upon a charity from the church the show was at that wanted donated baby quilts for HIV/AIDS babies all over the world and prayer shawls for people in need of prayer. Regina wrote a note and took a shawl for her mom. I was so touched by this that I am consumed with the idea of making the shawls. So I began mine to donate and it is almost finished. Hugs and Prayers to Regina and her mom... 

I love to crochet but it usually has to be for someone; this way I enjoy it more and it so relaxes me.

I also finished the top to the 3 6 9 quilt pattern. 

I had bought a green apple fabric with a white flower scrolled all over. When I opened it I was like "oh no" this so will not do. I hung it up and looked at it and looked at it saying "I'm going to have to send this back". Regina and Cathy said it was too bright and gaudy. I ended up finding this green here (small border) to go when I went shopping with Regina. It is Tidings, a Christmas line but the color green worked well with the larger border. Now to go sandwich it up and try out the machine quilting on the new play toy in the sewing room. 
I am so trying to find a name for my new friend....  cant put my finger on it though. I have been playing around with my grandma's name which is Evelyn but it needs to be more playful ....  Eevie. I do not think she would like the nickname off her name though but I'm not sure if she would ever really know since it is more a personal- to-me  thing.... ???


  1. Have fun with your new friend!! YOu will love her!

  2. Love your new buddy -and the 369 turned out so nice!!!

    I just washed Mom's shawl - it did not smell like my mom -so now it's nice and fresh and ready to send. I am still not sure if I will send it down or hand deliver it in 3 weeks!

  3. Look at what you have gotten done! Yay for you!! are sooooo going to love that machine. I can't wait until we can get together again...I have missed you!