Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When did this get squeezed in???

I'm not sure how these blocks came into play but, I got them up on my design wall. I think I was feeling guilty of having a free fabric and pattern  not finished. (kinda free/I spent plenty on the shop hop)

The pattern I was given at the end of my Western New York Shop Hop was "Hoppin' and a Rollin'".
I gathered 4 jelly roll strips at each of the 12 shops; 48 strips.
Wow! did I get some awful fabric in the rolls. Thankfully I only needed 36 strips for the blocks. The rest are used for the border; we'll see if I use them. I think they will go in the scrap bin. I also got 4 strips of the same fabric. How did that happen? I can only use one strip for 4 blocks but the rest can go in the border.

This quilt worked up really quick and easy. I needed something brainless and stress free to do. I wanted to sew not think, just stay busy. I seem to need this every time I am sewing rows together in finishing a quilt top. I get very frustrated and stressed.  I am sewing together now Sunny Lanes. I am trying to size it to the old antique full size bed in the guest room. I needed 5x6 block setting for the full but the bed will only need a 4x4 setting. Now I am at the border stage and I' m on pins and needles hoping it is what I invision.

Ugh, Anguish! PAUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE...  I will sew it up tomorrow and see if it looks right on the bed.

Crossing fingers. With a smile for the design wall.

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  1. OH that quilt looks great! I am making something like it now in blues and browns. :)