Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunny Lanes Top is Finished

My top for Sunny Lanes is finished. Oh, I'm so happy!!!  I love the colors. I love how it fits the bed.

Love, Love, Love.

This is my hubbie's family antique bed. It is in our guest room along with other old stuff. I started gathering fabric for this bed in reds and golds then Regina picked our pattern of Sunny Lanes to do together. The pattern reminded of me of old scrappy quilts and decided to do it for the guest room.

Now for a name. I was thinking along the lines of Cozy ...  Warm...  Splender... Slumber... Cinnamon Toast.. I don't know.  What do you think?


Reenie and I have also been working on our 30's quilt; Jitterbug. Here are a few of the blocks.

We hope to finish them (we each are doing one) this week.  I may fix some flying geese and finish the blocks but we still have sashing to do then sewherup' .....  quite a bit of work left.
We'll geterdone'.


  1. I like the Cinnamon Toast idea! Is this quilted yet or just a flimsie?

    I need to post the picture of mine -same pattern and yet they look so very different!

  2. Cinnamon Toast is way cute!!!! This is a gorgeous quilt!! Way to go!!! And I love the 30s blocks, too!

  3. Beautiful top and I also like Cinnamon Toast!

  4. Cinnamon Toast!!! I can't believe that you got it all done!! It looks totally perfect on that bed. You did a GREAT job as usual! I am almost done quilting Allegany Rings, and then I am going to get working on Jitterbug. Will letcha know when!

  5. I like the name Cinnamon Toast! It turned out great!

  6. Hi!
    I just popped in from Gina's blog! Your Sunny Lanes is awesome! Love the pattern, and great fabric color choices! Your Jitterbug is coming along quite nicely too!!!
    Happy stitchings!

  7. LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! (Oh, sorry...this isn't FaceBook, is it?)