Thursday, September 3, 2009

Girls Night!!!

I can always count on Regina for a girls night!!! I needed some me time so I call for a quilting night. Ever since Eric left for college I've been a little lost. This is my idea of true fun, being creative and laughter.
Regina asks me "have you ever made a Wonder Wallet"
and I say "no but sounds like fun, I'm in". 
" I just got this new phone so it needs a holder", Regina says.
So off we go!!  Pick out fabric, cut fabric, iron fabric, sew it, press it, and top stitch and turn it out... whallah!! 
Of course we chose TURTLE fabric....LOL!! 

Good times!! Thanks Regina!!  Ahhhhh!!!!

=) Shellie


  1. Now to just find that dang velcro! The phone keeps sliding out!

  2. I have some.... would you like a piece?