Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Reenie Beanie gave me a jelly roll for Christmas.

Regina wanted to do the Jelly roll race.

Here is mine completed.

I bought the border fabric and the binding (yellow) at Mt Pleasant when I went shopping with Regina and Jill. The backing is from Ben Franklin in Hilton before it closed. It has little pink berries in the leaves.

And I finished a pillow for my room.

 Mia is on my pillow.  Her favorite spot.

I have been working on tons. It is hard to find time to post though. I have to cart my carcass up here to the den and oh, remember the memory card....  big ordeal.

I have been on a few trips this year; Lake Placid, Boston, and Niagara Falls.
Here are a few snapshots.

Boston: Lady watching people walk by in North End. We were trying to seek out the best restaurant for the next nights meal.
Lake Placid: White face Mountain at the White Face Resort.

Niagara Falls: Our helicopter ride over the falls.


  1. Love your jelly roll race and your pillow!!! :-)

  2. Lovely quilt!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!