Sunday, October 16, 2011

Madi's duvet cover

Here it is!!!  Wow... this was an adventure; a duvet/quilt cover. Remember from the bright idea?

I just need to add the buttons and button holes at the bottom and we are finished.  The reason I say a duvet/quilt is that I layered it with batting and a white backing then quilted it. Then, sewed on a casing or another backing separately to make it the duvet cover. On top of that, I added a binding to make it more like a quilt top. The reason she wanted a duvet cover is she wants it puffy and quilts are not puffy. This has two layers; the quilted top and the extra puff once the feather comforter is put inside.

Still two pillow shams to go. It may need another color bed skirt. Maybe blue or green...
Her birthday is Wednesday.  It will not be done by then but I think all is good. Can you believe 18? Nope, I can not.


  1. Wow..that turned out wonderfully!!! What a genius you are to figure all that out. Gave me a headache just thinking about it! I bet she LOVES it!!