Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Lanes Progress

It is about time!!!!  I am finally doing things right. Here are 10 of my blocks for the Sunny Lanes quilt. They are on my new Design Wall which I thought I posted about already. (I do not know where my head has been...)

I love the way they are turning out.  I believe 20 more to go. I have 9 sets ready to go and then I have to sort and arrange the remaining units that are all over my sewing studio.

See, I have been making boo boos left and right.  To fix it, I cleaned up the studio. I have been in sync since.

I have also finished a pin wheel block. Cut out another and sewing the binding to a mini wall hanging that I will show here when finished. It is for a friend's birthday, Megan, who I sub for in the library.

It's a beautiful day out, Enjoy!!!



  1. The blocks look awesome!!! As much trouble as it is to press the seams open and then fix the boo boos on blocks, it is going to be worth it in the end!! It's gorgeous!!!

  2. I am LOVING it! We just need to get past the Munchkin's graduation and some gardening work (driveway full of mulch) and then we need to get together and finish these babies!