Monday, December 28, 2009

Warm Thoughts

I finished the DNP (disappearing nine patch) for Grandma as planned for Christmas. I even did a "first" on my machine; free motion quilting. I was so happy it went well until I turned it over...  a few bobbin gauge oppses and a few fabric puckers of the backing but not horribly awful.

I plan on tempting FMQ again and I do hope for fewer oppsies...
I love the fabric. The DNP are "Charlotte" by Moda and the backing just enhances the reds and pinks as well as blends the other colors beautifully. I am so happy with it and I do hope Grandma is as well. She should be getting it any day. I was mailed on the 22nd so to Florida it was a stretch for Christmas Day.


  1. good for you, I haven't done FM on my machine, finally figured the feed dog thing and mine is too old I need to just cut up a credit card and tape it over them. I hope to practice on pot holder for awhile till I get the hang of it. cw

  2. It looks great

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. It looks great!! FMQ does have a learning curve so don't be afraid to try again. Hardly anyone looks at the back anyway when the front looks so awesome!! :)